Various sports and leisure facilities are graciously provided for your enjoyment:

The turquoise and transparent water maintains a temperature of around ±26°C throughout the year… an ongoing invitation for swimming!

A freshwater pool for relaxation at any time.

Sun loungers for rest, reading, swimming, games, and walks.

Fins, masks, and snorkels for snorkeling, paddleboards, and a petanque court.

Discover our excursions below.

Tsingy Rouges and Pointe de Tonnerre

Explore the Babaomby Peninsula and discover the famous Red Tsingy, ephemeral structures formed of red sand and marly sandstone that geologists call “fire chimneys.” The composition of the rock allows for interesting plays of light throughout the day, depending on the orientation of the sun.

Bring your camera as you’ll have the opportunity to capture your best shots of the Emerald Sea along the way. With a bit of luck, you may also observe lemurs, chameleons, snakes, birds, and many other species… A final stop at the viewpoint of Thunder Point will allow you to contemplate the immensity of Diego Suarez Bay. During the months of September and October, the luckiest may even spot passing humpback whales. The circuit can also be done on foot. For more information on the route to follow, please consult our staff.

Price: 10 euros/person

Nosy Antaly Be

Sail in one of our traditional boats to one of the most beautiful untouched islands in the region. Swimming, relaxation, walks, and picnics await you. Enjoy a swim around Antaly Be and admire its colorful reefs. Explore the island’s hiking trail through the Baobab forest and climb to the highest hill for a splendid view of the Emerald Sea.

Nosy Antaly Be is the largest of the three islets bordering the Emerald Sea. This limestone islet is home to small-sized but surprising fauna and flora. Camera and binoculars are a must!

For kiters and windsurfers, it is possible to go downwind to the island and to one of the most beautiful water sports spots in the Emerald Sea: “the pool.” Its crystalline waters on a white sandbank offer flat water with breathtaking colors.

Price: 20 euros/person


For fishing enthusiasts, we can take you to certain drop-offs in Diego Suarez Bay or the Emerald Sea for you to try your hand at traditional line fishing.

Those equipped with spearfishing guns can also take advantage of these organized outings.

Price: 10 euros/hour/person

Lemur Spring

You cannot leave Madagascar without photographing lemurs! Take advantage of the last hour of daylight to reach the spring located a 5-minute walk from the hotel.

Lemurs usually gather there at the end of the day before sunset. To know the route to follow, please consult our staff.